Final Project: Interview Profile

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Final Project: Interview Profile Lara Dvorak February 4, 2010 Beh225, Stephanie Robinson Humans are complex and intricate beings. We all feel, think, behave and look different. However, psychologists and researchers have been developing patterns in how experiences and processes shape the way we are and how we handle certain tasks. There are many variables that shape the way we learn and remember, our attitudes and personality, and what motivates us. To better understand these experiences and processes, I will compare the same characteristics of my own to a young girl named Jenny. We are both close in age, background, gender, race and circumstance. It is important to know how we learn. Once humans understand the process for which…show more content…
The Meyers-brigs test is an example of an objective personality test. Subjects are required to answer how much a specific word describes them based on a scale of one to five. The number of words used to describe a person varies; however the more descriptive words that is analyzed, the more accurate the test is. The Meyers-brigs test use the answers that the subject gives to measure several aspects of personality such whether or not the subject is extrovert, focusing on external issues and social goals; or introvert, focused on internal thoughts and feelings. The test also analyzes if a person regulates their actions by thinking or feeling and if they base their actions on perceptions through their senses or through internal processes (Axia Collge, 2002). By analyzing all of these characteristics, the results of the test give insight to the personality type of the subject that may not have been known before. When Jenny took the Meyers-brigs test, her result identified that she was ESFP. That is that she was 80% extroverted, 20% introverted; 52% sensing, 47% intuitive; 52% feeling, 47% thinking; and 60% perceiving, 40% judging. The descriptive results of the test said that Jenny was an entertainer who is optimistic and friendly. The test showed that she radiates warmth, is witty and charming as well as generous and fun to be with. According to Jenny, these
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