Final Reflection Paper

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Upon asking my Grammy to be my interviewee for this final project, I was relatively apprehensive- questioning if I have ever even said the word sex in front of her. A few hours after Thanksgiving lunch, I tried to bite the bullet as casually as possible, “by the way, Grammy, could I interview you for one of my history classes, I have to write a paper on a conversation?” “Sure”, she replied, “about what?” “It’s actually supposed to be your opinion about the Sexual Revolution and your experiences in it, it’s no big deal”, I quickly added. “Sure honey, I don’t know how helpful I’ll be though, I must have slept through that,” she wittily answered.
Going into the conversation I then thought it would not only be awkward but maybe even inapplicable; yet, after we talked I came to realize that awake or asleep, my Grandmother had in fact witnessed some dramatic and seemingly revolutionary changes throughout her life. Throughout our interview to particularly have lots to say about the changes she has observed in family dynamics, dating and courtship and sexual identity. Afterwards, I am actually very glad that we got to share similarities, differences and observations about our lives together, our talk helped me further contextualize a lot of information relevant to this class and also discover something about her narrative that was unique to those described in class. My Grammy painted her perspective to be one separate of something that could be sexual or a revolution, much less a
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