Final Reflection Paper

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I am writing to complete my final portfolio for ENGL 1010, Honors Composition, as requested by the course requirements. What follows is a self-analysis of my performance this semester, as well as the attached revisions of my essays on the rhetorical analyses and on The US of Excess and climate change. Taking the honors English class was not something I was eager to do, as I had already taken the 1002 class my first semester at ULM. But having joined the Honors program my second semester, I was told that I would have to retake the honors version of the class I had just completed. I waited a few semesters to see if this requirement would be amended but there is only so much you can wait in college life that goes by in the blink of an eye. I registered for your class seeking a new class environment as I had had Ms. Rivera before and now stand at the other end of the road with a different outlook on writing and information processing. Before I took this class, I believed that I was aware of all the technicalities and nuances of writing papers and that I would recognize a bad paper when I saw one. But, at the beginning of the class you handed us two word documents on logical reasoning and logical fallacies and reading them made me think otherwise. I realized that there were many subtle errors in many of the arguments I presented in my past papers. I also began recognizing fallacies in all kinds of readings that I did and now I have become a more conscious reader. Now, not only

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