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Sustainable Business & Enterprise Roundtable (SBER) Assessment Corporate Users April 2015 Introduction The Sustainable Business and Enterprise Roundtable (SBER) service provides an annual, confidential qualitative Diagnostic and Assessment to benchmark Member-Clients against their peers and recommend areas for improvement. This Assessment Report details benchmarks and performance in five component areas, which are rolled up to a weighted SBER Index (Figure 1). The component and index scores are updated with information sourced from participating Member companies on an ongoing basis. This report details best practices for the Corporate Users, comparing PG&E with similar businesses within the SBER. The members of this…show more content…
| | Leader >75% Advanced 65-75% Committed 50-65% Needs Improvement <50% Leader >75% Advanced 65-75% Committed 50-65% Needs Improvement <50% Examples of Member Best Practices for Vision and Governance * Publish a vision of sustainable real estate and operations that is aligned with the corporate vision. * Formally charter a sustainability council (green team) that reports to the executive committee and Board of Directors at least once a year. * Adopt a sustainability policy, signed by CEO. Strategy Strategy | | | With regard to real estate and operations, do you: | | | Overall Strategy | | | Have a defined enterprise-wide strategy for sustainability? | | Have a roadmap to implement the strategy? | | Strategic Goals | | | Have strategic sustainability goals for the operations? | | Allocating Resources for Sustainable Outcomes | Undertake indoor environmental quality (IEQ) upgrades in addition to energy efficiency (EE) upgrades? | Valuation | | | Have methodology for the valuation of more sustainable operations? | | Alternative Workplace Strategies | | | Have a policy for allowing remote work, flexible schedules, or innovative office design? | Leader >75% Advanced 65-75% Committed 50-65% Needs

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