Financial And Non Financial Trade Organizations

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Financial and non-financial trade organizations and institutions in Canada
There are lots of different financial and non-financial organizations and institutions in Canada; however, the focus will be on several of them such as Global Affairs Canada, Ministry of International Trade, Enterprise Toronto, EDC, TFO etc.
According to the Government of Canada (2017), Global Affairs Canada is a division of the Government of Canada, which is focused on relationships with other countries, managing Canada`s international trade policies while developing the country`s international affairs and proposing humanitarian aid to all the needed. Global Affairs Canada consists of three smaller departments such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry …show more content…

The most popular are senior care services, yoga services, and general contracting (personal communication, January 21, 2016).
According to Export Development Canada (n.d.), EDC is a self-financing commercial organization that offers all set of financial and non-financial services to Canadian investors and exporters in order to develop direct investment overseas and into Canada (para. 1-2).
As TFO Canada (n.d.) explains, Trade Facilitation Office Canada is a non-financial institution with the aim to combat the poverty around the world and to promote an improvement in economic performance of poor regions (para. 1). TFO Canada was represented by Ms. Alma Farias who showed the opportunities for international students as well how to be involved in sustainable economic growth and to find the opportunities for an international trade.
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is the powerful association in Canadian industry with the aim to help its members to capture leading positions of exporters both in the domestic market and in abroad (CME, n.d., para. 1, 4).
I.E. Canada is a non-profit association of importers and exporters focused on the development of efficient international trade (I.E. Canada, n.d., para. 1).
In addition, there are several bilateral trade organizations such as Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC), Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) etc. which promote the development of two-side trade and business investments (BCCC, n.d.,

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