Universals Of Culture Of Ontario

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Universals of Culture of Ontario

Government: Ontario has a different type of government than us. To start that they have a different “headquarters” than us. Their ‘headquarters’ is in Toronto. As if ours is in Washington, D.C, as we all know is in the white house. They started their government in 1867 or before. We started ours in 1776-1789. 1789 was when the USA came together as an independent country. That is when we started creating a new constitution, and establishing its national government. In order to start their traditional rights, American Patriots took control of the colonies and started a war for independence.
Languages: Most people speak english here in the US, and spanish is the second language. Well in Ontario 98.8% of …show more content…

But we have a lot in common with clothing. They have hoodies like ours here. But they might be heavier than ours by far but we might have better style.
Shelter: You know your warm cozy house that you have. Well people in Ontario have a house kind of like yours. Well maybe a little smaller. It is a modern day house. Two story house, it is warm, one or two bathrooms, and 4-5 rooms. The shelter that most of us have is what most of them have.

Religion: What religion are you? Well for the most part out in Ontario, and most of Canada, their religion is Christianity. Christianity is when you believe in God, Mary, the wise men, Jesus, and Luke and everyone. You also go to church and believe in the Gospel. So the main religion is Christianity. What religion are you apart of?
Values & Beliefs: So values and beliefs. Some of the people in Ontario believe that you have to be fair to be able to do things, and participate in things. They also believe the to have a sustainable life is the way to live. Also you have to be reliable. What I mean by that you have to do everything right.
Arts & Recreation: So the people painted paintings of the sunrise and sunset and the view. By the view I mean like the sun and the land. Do you take pictures? Well some people go through all the work to process the picture or even paint it.
Economies: Ontario is one of the biggest economies in Canada. Ontario has the biggest GDP and there’s is as much

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