Financial Sustainability For My Family And Extended Family

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Regarding to the happiness of the whole family, I do not know the truth whether financial sustainability for my family and extended family will make us all happy. There is a possibility that at one point in time I or any other family member will be able to solve the family’s financial difficulties. I do believe that it would be great if no one in the family has to worry about the money. It gives them the options to consider other goals other than making a sustainable career. Yes, I would love this. I would love to be able to give my family the same freedom I did. I am tired of seeing people’s goal to be about money. In UC Berkeley, there are numerous amount of students who chose a major for their career solely on the purpose that it is financially sustainable. I am not working hard right now to be able to make money for my future family. My main reason for working hard is for myself – to accomplish my goal and to be able to expand the knowledge of humanity. Yes, now I can see how this can be a dilemma for others, but for me if I succeed, my goal is still able to sustain my family’s finance – not every member in the extended family however – and keep me permanently happy. This may not be so for others.
Is there a risk for me and my family in attempting my father’s goal? Yes, for example I may have to sacrifice time to earn money. I do not want to be a father who cannot spend time with their wife and children because of work. The lack of focus on the family will weaken the

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