Financing And Financing Education Chapter 7 Analysis

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The title of chapter seven is “Financing and Governing America’s Schools”. When I first saw that I knew it was probably going to be interesting because school and government financing have always been a hot topic. The first section that I found to be an important component was the section titled “Follow the Money: Financing America’s Schools”. This section is important because it talks about where the money comes from, and why teachers should be aware of where this money is coming from. Something that I found to be interesting was “we believe that it is unwise, and even dangerous, for teachers to invest their time and talent in a career in which the key decisions are considered beyond their knowledge or influence.”( pg 189) This in a way angered me because most people know where there money comes from and most people know some information on big decisions made in their career. So why is it any different with teachers? From looking at the graphs throughout …show more content…

One is called categorical grants. Categorical grants are “funds directed at specific categories and targeted educational needs.” (pg 197)Some example of how this grant is used is by preschool programs for poor children and new technology. Another grant used by the government is a block grant. Block grants are “a large sum of money given directly to the state with few strings attached.” (pg198) I think this goes along with the first section really and just knowing where your money comes from. Also being able to see how the government is helping through preschool programs for poor children. I also think it is important as an educator to research different things like this because many times there are different things people are voting for that could affect

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