Find Law: Australia Workplace Accidents

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Firstly, Tom and Val can show that the gym followed the regulations established in 2010, namely that: Gymnasiums should not do anything that is detrimental to the health of a person. The gym itself is well kept, in order, and follows all safety regulations. The only problem is that they allowed an inexperienced trainer to run the class. It may be because Lisa was inexperienced that she tripped she should have known to have placed the player in another spot. Nonetheless, Val and Tom are guilty of violating both the Industrial Relations Act (QLD) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (NSW and VIC) which set out the requirements of what employers must do to ensure a safe work environment for employees. Each mandates that employers: Provide a safe workplace for employees who include facilities and work systems ensure that employees are able to safely handle equipment or substances, as well as providing a safe area to store harmful material provide the proper training, supervision, instruction and information in the performance of their roles. (Find Law: Australia Workplace Accidents: What You Should Know) It seems as though each three of these requirements have been violated, although one needs to verify that the first two items are indeed not in order. It may be that place has been given for the recorder to stand, but Lisa did not use this. It may also be that the workplace is safe in every other concern, and the only problem is that Lisa did not receive proper
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