Finding Common Ground And Interests

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Finding Common Ground / Interests An overriding framework of value creation, exploration of opportunities, interests and common goals was identified by both parties from the onset of the negotiation. Both groups where able to find common ground through setting out all issues processes and procedures of the negotiation, the understanding of each other’s issues opens the possibilities of collaboration and a win-win (Falcao, 2010). Within all negotiations there is a point where both parties present their positions and provide the expectations they hope to receive from the negotiation. Collaboration provides the opportunity for both parties to frame the requirements and limits expressed previously in the negotiation and work collaboratively to provide solutions that would be mutually beneficial for both parties (Fisher & Ury, 1981). Within collaboration both parties require the foresight and key behaviours to ensure a successful outcome, both parties are required to be open minded on the possibilities of value creation and goals to ensure parties are not committed to one single answer (Fisher & Ury, 1981). Negotiators are required to be mindful that goals can be achieved through multiple routes and exploration is required to achieve valued propositions for all parties, this may include parties making concessions on original positions to ensure a positive outcome. With the making of concessions parties are also required to be mindful of the goals the organisation or person are
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