Finding Nemo Analysis

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The Butt Touching: How Fishy Fins Gently Caress the Underside of a Metal Hull In Finding Nemo, I found the scene of Nemo disobeying his dad interesting. The scene starts out with Nemo swimming away from the class to catch up with Pearl and Sheldon. Nemo makes his way to the cliff of the reef with his friends to be astounded by the depths of the ocean. Curiosity filled his mind wondering what would be out there, the camera is panned out during this moment to show how vast the ocean is with the fish just about visible in the shot. The color palette was set to have the shallow reef with bright vivid colors but the drop off in the reef had darker colors to completely black as it went deeper. I feel as if this was conveying to the real world as an analogy, it’s more about going into the unknown and not knowing what’s there but curiosity is what drives us to know more. The shallow reef’s bright colors were indicating the “small and happy” community staying safe from the outside world. But as the scene progressed further, the children’s curiosity fueled them to dare each other to swim on the drop off. Each child swimmer off the reef one by one going father each time to “prove themselves.” But Nemo’s curiosity captures an object in the distance which was a boat. Not knowing what this …show more content…

The animators expressed human like expression on fish and did quite well as Nemo showed his anger towards his father for “not letting him make his own decisions.” Marlin has the face of a disappointed father, angry towards his son for disobeying him. This is directly comparing to how children are disobedient towards their peers, and marlin being an overly attached father was somewhat a problem to Nemo. I feel as if the story writers wanted to show how parents can have problems with themselves as they typically blame their

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