Finding The Ratio Of Moles And Reactants

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Finding the Ratio of Moles and Reactants in a Chemical Reaction

The objective of this experiment was to find the mole ratios of the reactants and products for the chemical reaction, without being given the products.

Neda Samya
Emma & Nisha
Fri. 09/11

Procedure 1 I measured the temperature of NaCIO solution and “solution B” (using the same thermometer; temperature of solutions were equal). Then recorded my data in the table. 2 I poured 5.0 ml of NaCIO into a Styrofoam cup and then added 45.0 ml of the second solution. I stirred and recorded the highest temperature. Then poured the solution out, rinsed the cup and thermometer, and repeated the process using a different ratio of the two substances, keeping the total volume at 50.0 ml. I continued this process for other various ratios, recording the highest temperature of the mixture. 3 After collecting all the data, I constructed a graph with two lines of best fit and determined where they intersect.

Data table/Observations
Vol of NaCIO (mL) Vol of Na2S2O3 (mL) Temp (t, C)
5 45 27.6
10 40 29.8
20 30 32.7
30 20 37.5
35 15 38.3
40 10 41.7
43 7 42.7
45 5 30.1
47 3 27.9
49 1 25.63 When we poured both the NaCIO solution and solution B in the same Styrofoam cup and began stirring, we noticed the immediate change in temperature. Also, the volume of NaCIO (ml) and the volume of Na2S2O3 (ml) always totals up to 50.0 ml of solution.

Results table/Graph
Vol of NaCIO (mL) Vol of Na2S2O3 (mL) Temp
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