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ECE 205 Introduction to Child Development
Sharon L Johnson Katherine Palichuk March 8, 2013

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Hello Kim,
I would like to help you find a quality, affordable childcare program that would ease your concern with your son development with vocabulary, social, and motor skills. In this letter, I plan to address, three things you should look for in a childcare environment that supports your son 's development, three factors that could contribute to atypical development at this age, and give my assessment of whether or not the child may exhibit a developmental delay and to note signs of a possible developmental delay, bearing in mind
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These abilities and skills and are known as developmental milestones. Such things as walking, crawling, dancing, saying single words, or by putting words together into phrases and sentences, and following directions are examples of these predictable achievements. Even though not all children reach the same milestone at the same time, there is a time that’s expected and time-frame for reaching these developmental markers.
These milestones are behaviors that emerge over time, forming the building blocks for growth and continued learning. Which these behaviors are Cognition, Social, Interaction Motor Coordination and Adapting?
Some children may be advanced in their use of oral language while others may be an even more advance in discovering the power of spoken words. While some children may be advanced in their motor skills while others might be reluctant to use play toys, equipment or engage in any building activities or crafts projects. Growth patterns can also be different in children and can vary. Atypical behaviors should be noted and carefully recorded. They may be isolated events that have little or no impact on future development. They might, however, be early-warning signs of subsequent and more significant problems. Patterns of atypical behavior can be useful in confirming areas of
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