Finding an Employee Essay

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Employees are a valuable asset to a company. Oftentimes it is an outstanding employee who performs their job over and beyond the call of duty that influences a customer’s continued support. Employees who deal with customers on a daily basis, such as a salesperson who makes it a point to become familiar with his customer’s needs, or a receptionist who shows kindness and a willingness to assist a customer’s request over the phone are often a company’s lifeline. In addition to the products or service a company offers, the employees who sell the products and offer outstanding service is what encourages a customer’s recommendation to others, and word of mouth is one of the best advertising tools a company has. This is why it is important to …show more content…
It is hard to know, based on a person’s resume, if this person will be the right choice for the job. It is very difficult to have to choose someone to join a company that already has a staff of employees that are first class. Looking for a person who possesses the skills required, and has the ability to be a team player, is difficult.

In any event, while reviewing a potential candidate’s profile and deciding to set up an interview, meeting them face to face is another way that helps to assess a person’s demeanor. Witnessing the way they represent themselves in the interview process, as well as how they handle questions, their manner of professionalism and their appearance, may eliminate the long list of potentials to a much shorter one.

After hiring someone under the pretense that they will be right for the job, even then they may not live up to their attestations or possess the qualities stated in their profile. In addition, it may be that they do not fit in or get along well with other employees, therefore causing conflict or discontent to an otherwise harmonious staff.

On the other hand, they may surpass all expectations and prove to be an outstanding asset, demonstrating an exemplary performance and fit right in with everyone else. This is what every employer hopes for, and is fortunate when finding the right candidate.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that all employees be treated equally, with fairness and respect, and given the opportunity to
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