Essay on Fine Arts Classes Are Necessary

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Fine arts classes benefit students and schools alike. Fine arts are needed courses, not just as electives but as core classes that promote learning and creativity in the lives of students. There are three different styles of learning: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Fine art provides an avenue for all of these learning styles to be utilized during one class period; therefore, all students are able to understand and benefit from the curriculum. In a normal academic setting all types of learning may not be used, so a percentage of the classroom will not understand the lessons as well as it could have if it had arts incorporated into the class. It may seem impossible to include arts into an academic setting, but it is possible, …show more content…

North Texas High School encourages their students to get involved in their fine arts programs and have fun expressing themselves in any class they choose to participate in (“FIne”). These schools are only two of many who are determined to make their students’ educations the most enjoyable that they can by incorporating fine arts throughout schools. For students with hectic, stressful lives, an arts class may provide a calming, emotional outlet (Weber). Research proves that students who participate in fine arts have higher self-esteem and more social acceptance by their peers. Even parents agree that they have noticed an increase in self-esteem and motivation in their children when they begin taking fine arts classes (Swann-Hudkins). Fine arts in schools assist students in developing creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, as well as self-discipline, self-esteem, cooperation, and self-motivation (“FIne”). As well as improving students’ self-esteem, discipline problems have dwindled to the point of extinction (1). According to Barry Oreck, “student behavior improved strikingly in such areas as taking risks, cooperating, solving problems, taking initiative for learning, and being prepared (2-3).” Fine arts continue to raise standards in schools and show how students develop self-discipline and enhance their self-regulatory behavior (new horizons Dickerson 2).

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