Essay about Fine Quality Baroque Music in the Era of Renaissance

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Baroque music is the western music art style that was composed in the era of Renaissance, that is, between 1600 and 1750. Music at any given period reflects tendencies, impulses and influences that are found in art of other kinds of the same period. Therefore the name baroque also applied to the architecture, literature and art in the same period. Baroque has in the past and to some degree in the present had the implications of abnormality, grotesqueness and absurdity. But in its applications to music in the Renaissance period the term baroque does not have connotations that are pejorative because much of the music composed in this period is of high and fine quality (Swain, 7).
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The performer however should be guided by some factors that help them know what instrument to use where and what sound to get from what instrument (Donington, 131).
One, the performer should be able to distinguish indications that are scanty for the instruments that the notations may be showing. In that all the instruments that the performer is using fit in the kind of that they are playing. They should also look out for the effects of the musician that may need working on for the actual performance (Donington, 131).
Two, as much as it is the responsibility of the performer to choose the instruments, looking up for alternative instruments that are listed is important. That way, if there is an instrument that is missing, the performer should always be able to get an alternative. This also suitable when the there are many instruments needed, the alternative instruments can be used interchangeably (Donington, 131).
Three, the notion that instruments that are suitable are acceptable may not always work. A performer should understand that every instrument is made for a specific use and should be the only use it must be put to. That is, it would be impossible to use an instrument and try to make it sound in a particular way. The distinctions were made in the baroque era as much as they do now (Donington, 131). Every instrument in baroque music should be used to what it really is designed to, this is to make sure that the sound of

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