Fire Safety Issues And Hazards

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There are certain fire safety issues that should be addressed when it comes to healthcare facilities. Some fire safety issues and hazards employees should be concerned with, according to the Seattle Fire Department’s website (2007), are smoking materials and faulty equipment or equipment that is being used improperly. They recommend that if smoking is allowed to be sure that deep, metal ashtrays are readily available, and that they are emptied frequently. No smoking should be allowed in or near areas where oxygen is being used or stored. Also, employees should be on the lookout for equipment that may be in disrepair; “cracked or split cords or plugs on electrical equipment, overloaded extension cords or cords placed where they may be stepped on” (para. 3). Other fire hazards include any chemicals being stored in the facility, electrical outlets that are not grounded, lint filters on dryers should the facility do laundry on-site and greasy kitchen equipment if the facility has a working kitchen on premise (Seattle Fire Dept., 2007). Knowing what to do in the event of a fire emergency, or any emergency, is key to ensuring a positive outcome. The most important parts of an emergency plan are having one in place to begin with and being sure that all staff members are familiar with it. To be certain that everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency, it is imperative that practice drills are routinely completed. While stress and panic are a certainty in any emergency
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