Firing Smoking Employees,

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In January 2005 Weyco Inc., company based in Michigan has brought up the issues based on firing employees who smoked. Wyeco Inc., gave their employees few months to quit and obey their new policy and also arranged variety of free programs such as drug therapy and acupuncture, to help employees quit smoking. About 20 of Weyco’s employees successfully quit smoking, for those who have not succeeded were fired. Howard Weyers, the company’s founder, justified the policy as protecting Weyco against high health care costs (Grace, Cohen, Holmes, p.79).
In this paper, Weyco’s unjustified discrimination against smoking employees will be argued. I will examine various ethical issues and mainly focusing on the issues of discrimination towards the employees on Weyco’s policy against smokers. I believe that from the beginning, employers are allowed and should be organizing non-smoke workplace environments so that nonsmoking staffs do not encounter increased health risk due to second hand smoke. However the corporation’s right to adjust an employee’s personal health-related practice off work and interfere with their personal life style brings up numerous amounts of ethical issues.
I argue that there are different ways to address the non-smoking policy, for example one company could provide a voluntary smoke quitting program and other healthier life programs during recess for the employee’s benefit. I like to say that this method serves as the blameless policy, but the report showed that

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