First Binary Pulsar Research Paper

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The1993 Nobel prize for physics was a shared award between Russell Alan Hulse and Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr. Russell Alan Hulse who was born on November 28,1950 in New York was an American physicist, he studied at cooper union college and earned a Ph.D. degree in physics in 1975 from the university of Massachusetts. Joseph H. Taylor Jr. born March 24,1941 in Philadelphia was an American radio astronomer and physicist. He studied at Haverford College and earned a Ph.D. in astronomy at Harvard University in 1696, he then joined Princeton University where he became a professor. Together Taylor and his graduate student, Hulse, discovered the first binary pulsar. Even though pulsars had already been discovered they introduced a new kind of pulsar,…show more content…
This discovery was awarded to the former teacher and student because as the pair was searching systematically for pulsars. Russell A. Hulse and Joseph H. Taylor using the 300-m radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. They discovered a pulsar which is a rapidly spinning neuron star emitting radio pulses at intervals that varied in a regular pattern, decreasing and increasing over and eight hour period. While Hulse observing the new pulsar, which was named PSR1913+16, he found that the pulses are often noticeable more than other times. During the observation of shifts in the pulses they found that the stars were equally heavy. A pulsar is a rotating neutron star that produces signals in earth detectors as its beam of radiation sweeps over earth once per rotation. The binary pulsar which is what was discovered has period of 59 milliseconds but shows an orbital period of seven hours and 45…show more content…
The pair then noticed that the behavior portrayed was that of a pulsar in binary orbit with another star. Aide from this pulsar another pulsar, which was the first pulsar, discovered in 1967 at the radioatronomy laboratory in Cambridge, England. What set apart the pulsar founded by Russell and Joseph was that the behavior of the signal could be deduced that is was accompanied by an almost equal heavy companion at a distance corresponding to only a few distance of the moon from the earth. The award in 1967 and the on given in 1993 are different because the discovery made in 1967 was the discovery an object that was emitting rapid radio pulses while the discovery of 1993 was that of a discovery of a new type of pulsar. They discovered a pair of binary pulsars, binary stars are a pair of stars that orbit around each other. Overall the discovery of 1967 helped the discovery of 1993 ne successful because it provided
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