First Lollipop Research Papers

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The first incarnation of the lollipop was probably created by cave people thousands of years ago who collected honey from beehives with a stick Not wanting to waste the sweet nectar they most likely licked the stick thus inventing the world’s first lollipop Good for them (good for us) Archaeologists believe that ancient Chinese Arabs and Egyptians all produced fruit and nut confections that they "candied" in honey which serves as a preservative and inserted sticks into to make easier to eat If the 17th Century English version doesn’t count as the first modern lollipop you could look to the Civil War era for another early forerunner when hard candy was put on the tips of pencils for children The early 20th Century was the era of automation which is when the birth of the lollipop as we now know it begins in earnest but there are still discrepancies as to who is the true creator In the 17th Century as…show more content…
In approximately 1912 Russian immigrant Samuel Born invented a machine that inserted sticks into candy The machine was called the Born Sucker Machine and the City of San Francisco considered it so innovative that they awarded him the keys to the city in 1916 George Smith owner of a confectionary company called the Bradley Smith Company took credit for inventing the modern version of the lollipop which he began making in 1908 and in 1931 he trademarked the term ‘lollipop” borrowing the name from a famous race horse named Lolly Pop which is when the term lollipop finally connects back to the 17th Century phrase (‘Tongue slap’ remember) As you can see the development of the lollipop took its time and there is some competition for the title “creator of the lollipop” but regardless who gets credit for it it’s here to stay and it’s currently one of the most popular candies in existence Modern companies such as the Spangler Candy Company (creator of Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, and other favorites) can produce up to 3,000,000 per day which still hardly satisfies the nation's sweet
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