First One Semester Of My College Year

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First one semester of my college year is going towards the end and I am just happy about there will be no classes or homework for me for a while. I never enjoyed nor good at writing a few pages of paper. If there is any homework assignments are due on the same date, I would always do the assignments for other classes, then come back to the paper and start staring into the computer screen for hours rather than moving my fingers on keyboard and type. Honestly writing is not my favorite thing to do in this world, but I know I could do better when I try. GSW 1110 is the class that proved me that. I am sure no one likes to be failed or negatively judged, but getting judged by someone who is better than me has always been my biggest fear, especially when it comes to writing essays. Since I don’t have that great of English grammar or vocabularies, when someone marks on my paper and saying “This paper needs to be improved”, when I tried my best to get a good grade, then I would not have the best feelings that I have ever had. When I walked into the class for GSW, it was different. I expect the class to be organized with straight desks and chairs in regular pattern, but instead, there were individual moving chairs and couches for students’ comfort which was my favorite part. The class had begun, Dan gave us assignment sheet for Essay #1 after we read “Is This Kansas?” by Biss. I had no idea what we supposed to write about, because when the topic of assignment is not directed in

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