My First Day Of College

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Washburn is a small but unique campus that is full of many different things that involve the student body. My experience the first day of campus was a life experience that consisted of me getting lost at first, trying to get to my classes. Then also, I got to meet new people that I liked and we had common interests between us. Next, during class I was listening to my professors go over the syllabus and how the class was going to go for the rest of the semester. At moments, there were times that I felt nervous to talk in front of class that day because of the environment of other people having all their eyes on me and listening to what I had to say. Towards the end of my classes, it was interesting to see the different things on campus which grabbed my attention. As my last class ended for the day and we were dismissed to leave, it felt like pressure within me was released off my body. The first day of college was an experience that I would never forget. That day was interesting with a few reasons. The start of my day consisted of me getting lost, trying to get to my different classes throughout the day and finding when and where to go. Many of my classes were in different buildings on campus. Some of them were further than others. It was like my first day of high school, difficult to get around but at the same time like college getting around. For instance, there were people around to help direct me to my classes. When walking around on campus I kept seeing people at

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