My First Day Of Freshman

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As a little kid, I always loved counting down the years to certain events. Some of those would be; high school, getting my license, turning sixteen and eighteen, or even graduating high school. They always seemed so far away and out of reach, but they were upon me, even when I wasn’t ready. It seems like just yesterday, I was out on the playground enjoying recess and making up games like, little house on the prairie with my friends. Most people say high school goes by fast, and I believed them, but not to this extent.
I still remember my first day of freshman year when I was walking into the doors of my new school for the next four years. I walked in not knowing what was ahead, but ready to find out. The hallways at Dundee Crown are so long they look like their never ending. Who I am now is completely different than who I was then. Four years later, here I am about to graduate, and I don’t remember what I did the last four years of my life!
As I was walking down the loading ramp at the Sears Center, I saw a giant sea of blue graduation caps and gowns. It’s a steep hill, and I’m in heels so I’m just praying that I don’t trip and make a fool out of myself. But thankfully, I handled it like a professional. Everyone was bustling around talking and taking pictures. For some of us, this was the last time we would all be together, the class of 2015.
I took everything in. It was an emotional day. A few days before graduation, my grandparents said that they weren’t going to be

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