First Solar Essay

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First Solar, Inc. is an American photovoltaic manufacturer of solar panel, and a provider of photovoltaic power plants and supporting services that gather finance, construction, and end of life panel recycling. First Solar operates through two main segments of activities: components, and system. The Company's components segment, which accounts for 39% of its revenues, designs, manufactures and sells solar modules, which convert sunlight into electricity. The system segment accounts for 61% of the company’s revenues, and provides photovoltaic solar power systems or solar solutions for systems, which use the Company's solar modules. With over 10 Gigawatts installed worldwide, First Solar has developed, financed and engineered some of the world’s…show more content…
Overcoming this limitation requires more efficient energy storage. Economic moats Bankability Advantage: First Solar has the strongest balance sheet and cash position among all its competitors. Many financial institutions appreciate the performance of First Solar projects and the performance of the company’s technologies in high yield solar projects for their superior return on investment. When evaluating the company’s technology, its risk profile, and its financial statements, investors and financial institutions see in First Solar more value, and fewer risks than in the company’s competitors. Produce More Energy at a Lower LCOE Thanks to its more advanced technology over its competitors, First Solar has been able to produce and deliver higher energy density. The company ensure that the plants are able to produce more energy, and more consistently over the long term. This competitive advantage allows First Solar to see its assets to depreciate at a lower rate, and ensure the company’s ongoing bankability. These benefits guarantee First Solar advantages by lowering the LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Electricity) prices, that are competitive with traditional energy
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