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Sydney Fish Market

Joanne Pan 12FT

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is Australia’s premier seafood centre of excellence and authentic fishermen’s market. It is the largest fish market in the southern hemisphere and the second largest in the world for range of species. It was established by the NSW government in 1945. The selling of seafood was regulated by the government from 1945 to 1999 and the seafood that was landed in NSW was required to be sold through the NSW Fish Marketing Authority. In 1994 Sydney Fish market became a privately owned company and in 1999, seafood no longer had to be sold through the Market in Sydney.

Sydney Fish Market is located in
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This auction is similar to house auctions where a person calls out for bidders, and the highest bidder gets the item. The price of these produces depends on the sashimi grade and also the amount they have on the day. This is why the Dutch auction is not used.

In 2001, Sydney Fish Market introduced SFMlive, an online internet system for seafood trading, which operates in addition to the current auction system.
SFM's aim in hosting this facility is to: • generate new business and profitability for our customers; • expand the network of buyers and suppliers; • reduce transport costs; • provide access to market and industry information; and provide guaranteed payment to suppliers
Suppliers and buyers must register to use SFMlive. Registered users are allocated an account number and confidential password.

Research and development

Fishing is one of Australia’s important primary industries. Australia’s marine fishing zone is the third largest in the world. Therefore it is important for Australia to keep the industry up to date and continue to develop.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia’s national science agency and one part of their job is to research and develop on the aquaculture and fishing industry.

Australian’s agriculture produced a value of $743 million in years 2002-2003, with an average of 4% annual growth in the past decade and in 2002-2004, agriculture
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