Fitness Program and Food Journal

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My goal for this fitness program is to lose weight and gain muscle strength and the way I am going to achieve my goal is using the magic bullet: diet and exercise. My current weight at the start of this project is 230.0 pounds. I will be going to the gym five days out of the weak and I will also start a dieting plan as well. My workouts will include upper body, lower body, abs, and at least thirty minutes of cardio at the end or before each workout. The upper body will include chest, arms, shoulders, and back on Mondays and Thursdays. The lower body will include legs, calfs, lower back and hips on Tuesdays and Fridays. Abs will be just abs with cardio on Wednesdays. Leaving me with Saturdays and Sundays to use as rest days and giving my muscle a chance to rebuild and grow. My workouts will follow these numbers of repetitions and sets that are three sets of ten or twelve depending on how I feel that today. As for how much weight I will use is depended on how much I can lift for each exercise and I will put on an extra five pounds of weight after completing each set if necessary. My rest period for between sets will be from one to two minutes before I start the next one. I will also include some circuit training when I feel like I need a change in pace for my workouts. These circuit training would include fast past motions with five to six different exercise back to back of each other without resting in till the set is complete. For this kind of lifting I would do three sets
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