Flight Descriptive Speech

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Huge white smiles and warm handshakes is the kind of welcoming everyone receives as they board a plane. From the flight attendant’s smiles to the pilot’s “Welcome” an automatic feeling of happiness hits you. That feeling of happiness clearly lets you know you have boarded a plane. Stepping foot onto the plane you are automatically greeted by warm smiles and handshakes. Both the flight attendant’s and pilot’s uniforms appear so clean and proper. As an attendant speaks, her voice is almost considered annoying because of how screechy and preppy it sounds. Following the guy in front of you, down the aisle, you feel like you’re being towered over due to how tall he is. Continuing slowly down the aisle your correct seat finally appears in front of you. You squat down to pick up your bright blue hard shelled carry on suitcase to store in the overhead bin. Looking up and putting your suitcase away you see it disappear as it falls gently back into the storage area. You watch as various people around you slam their suitcases into their overhead bins and a loud bang is sounded as the suitcase hits the back of the storage container. Looking down at your navy blue leather seat you just know that seat will feel like sitting on a luxurious cloud. Grabbing the silver part of the seat belt chills automatically run up your arms because that’s just how cold the inside of the airplane is. After everyone has boarded the plane has a slight sweaty disgusting smell because of how many people
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