Florence Nightingale : The Importance Of Quality Nursing Care

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Quality Nursing Care Florence Nightingale introduced the importance of quality nursing care back in the 1850s, when she started using her knowledge of statists to evaluate the quality of nursing practices and patient outcomes (Burston, Chaboyer & Gillespie, 2013). Patient lives are impacted by the quality of nursing care delivered to them. Quality is defined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) as “continually reducing the burden of illness, injury, and disability, and improving health and functioning by pursuing six major aims – safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficacy, and equity (2001). Nurses drive care practices that advance patients’ outcomes and enable effective inter professional partnership, while stewarding the efficient and effective use of resources (Dailey & Peterson, 2014). The profession is critical to the provision of better quality care coordination. Failure to rescue is a quality of care issue that is sensitive to nursing (Burston et al., 2013). Failure is to rescue is a leading cause of mortality in the acute care hospital setting (Garvey, 2015). Patients often display signs and symptoms of approaching arrest 72 hours in advance. The phenomena occurs when healthcare professionals: fail to recognize a patient’s clinical deterioration, fail to communicate or escalate concerns, fail to physically assess the patient, fail to diagnose and treat the patient appropriately (Garvey, 2015). Quality of nursing care makes differences.
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