Fly Away Peter

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Creating Other Worlds in Fly Away Peter In the novel Fly Away Peter, David Malouf explores the individual’s ability to transcend the immediate, and create ‘other worlds’ of his or her own: "Meanwhile the Mind, from pleasure less, 
Withdraws into happiness: creates,... 
Far other worlds..." Malouf uses the continuity of life to highlight the importance of the individual’s mind set against the meaning of human existence. Malouf’s three main characters, Jim Saddler, Ashley Crowther and Imogen Harcourt, are used to present Malouf’s themes in a unique and sensitive manner. Malouf also implies that fate is predetermined and beyond the control of the individual. The only escape route offered is through man’s imagination. "It…show more content…
The savouring may be done through naming or through photographing or by some other means of giving life a form of permanency. It is suggested that this can also be done through the imagination, to help create magical worlds individually. 

In the final chapter, Imogen grieved for Jim, and through this she was able to bring Jim’s life, and life in general, into perspective: "That is what life meant, a unique presence... A life wasn’t for anything. It simply was." Imogen sat on the beach to contemplate this, and "...watched the waves...". The waves then serve as a metaphor of life, " they rose, gathered themselves, stood poised a moment holding the sun at their crests, then toppled. There was a rhythm to it." This is the suggestion that individual life is brief compared to the endless nature of time, and the ‘moment’ that life is ‘poised’ is to be savoured and valued. 

This notion of life having momentary beauty and significance in the scheme of things is further emphasised by the surfer in chapter eighteen. The surfer in the final chapter is watched by a fascinated Imogen. He represents the paradox of life: 

"...the balance, the still dancing on the surface, the brief etching of his body against the sky at the very moment, on the waves lip, when he would slide into

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