Focusing Marketing Efforts on Specific Groups: Teenagers or Youth

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Focusing Marketing Efforts on Specific Groups: Teenagers or Youth Philip Kotler cited that in Marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. In retailing, products are called merchandise. In manufacturing, products are bought as raw materials and sold as finished goods. Commodities are usually raw materials such as metals and agricultural products, but a commodity can also be anything widely available in the open market. In our daily living, we have to provide those things we really need in life for us to survive by means of buying and purchasing these products or these goods for us to makes satisfy by successfully using it to our daily living. The question what brands and products do…show more content…
Well in the fact that there are a lots of the same product but not the same brand and company which are now competing in the market. Like Happy toothpaste, Close-up, Sensodyne and many more because now on consumers are now sensitive enough in choosing what product might them to choose. The Colgate product is still the same compare to others. But this said product has something to patronize because in my own observation where Colgate is more highly recommended than other product because Colgate has the quality and ability to sustain their product and also it really gives very big and full impact for us the consumers will continue purchasing in a single sachet or in a large portion where people can also buy in a easy way where some can save money and can afford it. My second product is the USB. USB flash drives represent a large part of the storage device market, which is also occupied by hard-disk drives and SD memory cards. Often, buyers must make the choice between these three devices when looking for a way to store and transfer computer data. Each of these products suits different needs, but USB flash drives offer a certain number of advantages when compared to hard-disk drives and SD memory cards. Because USB drives contain no moving parts, they are more durable than hard drives, and it is this durability, combined with their very small size that makes them easy to carry around. USB drives

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