Food Conseecurity In South Sudan And Food Security In The United States

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SOUTH SUDAN HAS FOOD SECURITY AT THE TOP OF ITS PRIORITIES Famine was declared in South Sudan in early 2017, although this classification has been removed, the threat of famine is still extremely high (Oxfam, 2017). What can be done to help the residents of South Sudan and ensure food security for generations to come? Explores Jorja Scarffe Many factors are contributing to South Sudan’s ability to feed their population. With a population of 13 million (South Sudan Population, 2016), which continues to rise, actions are essential. Organizations are working together to achieve a stable food supply for generations to come, but further changes need to happen to ensure this.
Food insecurity is a prominent issue in South Sudan. Food security is the state of being able to access food that is nutritious, affordable and good quality (World Food Program, 2017). Many major issues affect the ability to grow food in this region. Civil war is affecting the majority of South Sudan, forcing many people to flee their homes and farms in search of safety (Oxfam, 2017). The ongoing war in South Sudan is also affecting the economy, environment and people.
South Sudan is located in Central East Africa (Pariona, 2017) and currently has a population of 12.23 million as of 5/09/17 (Pariona, 2017). South Sudan’s bordering neighbours include Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia (Pariona, 2017). Because of its location, South Sudan is landlocked, meaning they have no direct access to the ocean

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