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Food for Thought Food? What is its purpose in society’s world? Is it too only survive? Food has many effects in this world from helping cope with grief, to helping you deal with stress, but eating may also be detrimental. With many food related diseases out there you just need to have a sort of balance in your life. Food in my life is a huge part of my well-being. Being an athlete I need to understand what I am putting into my body and what effects, positive or negative it will have on me. I tend to think of our bodies and mine like car engines, if you don’t take care of the car, changing the oil, getting it tuned, checking all of the different fluids that make it run, it might last you a while but eventually break down. Food with my family and girlfriend is big in my life as well. My father being a diabetic has really opened my eyes to the quality and quantity of food you should be eating. My girlfriend and I have always had a fondness together by trying new thing and tasting new foods. This assignment is to take a look into a sociological view point of society and the impact that food has had on people from the time when there was no supermarkets and people had to find and grow their own food, when you couldn’t just go to a 7-11 and pick up a bottle of water, what different ethnicities had to deal with in regards to obtaining these necessities to survive. In this paper I will be discussing the differences in what people during different time periods were required to

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