Why Does I Love Travel Essay

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Who loves traveling?

I DO love traveling. But, I love more if I have companions. Why? One of the reasons is I hate to use selfie stick. For me, taking selfie is ridiculous! (*demonstrate some selfie-sticks poses). Aaand, traveling alone forces you to use selfie stick.

Since the invention of the selfie stick, the helpful stranger industry has plummeted. Not only that, the new research finds that the frequent use of selfie stick will result in “selfie elbow”, and, will therefore impede the ability to pleasure yourself (*demonstrate the selfie-elbow effects).

Therefore, when I went to Bangkok for Coldplay concert, last April, I took along two friends of mine: Dian and Hani. Did it then make me selfie free?? HELL NO! Because, every 10 steps, …show more content…

By the time we landed in Bangkok, we went straight to DC Mall, still with our backpacks, to redeem our concert tickets. However, when we got there, and saw there was Bangkok’s sauces sold half prices, we immediately buy it, and, suddenly, we forgot about the concert tickets!! (*IMPROVISE). We are very complacent with Bangkok’s sauces that we realized the atmosphere already chaotic; the queue was extremely long. They were all tired and wanted to have their tickets ASAP! How about us? We forfeit… We decided to look for dinner. And, Bangkok street foods are the …show more content…

“Oooh…may I call you, Sri?”
UBER: “Yeah, sure.”
I heard Dian and Hani were giggled at the back of the car…
UBER: “Did you watching the concert?”
ANNA: “Yes, we were.”
UBER: “Coldplay, eh?”
UBER: “How was it?”
ANNA: Too tired to speak, “OK...”
DIAN: Still excited. “It was great, actually.”
UBER: “Oh really? How much money did you spend for the tickets?” *with thick accent
ANNA: “Haa?” trying to analyze his word
HANI: With her sleepy voice, speaking bahasa to us “He asked you the price of the tickets.”
ANNA and DIAN: “Oooh”
ANNA: “Around 6000 Baht” – I randomly answered it
UBER: “So expensive!”
UBER: still with his thick accent “I don’t like Coldplay. The songs are lame. I like rock music. Metal. You know metal?” demonstrate his “metal” fingers
ANNA and DIAN: “off course!”
DIAN: “What band do you like? Bon Jovi?”
UBER: “What?? Bon Jovi”
DIAN: “Yes. B-O-N-J-O-V-I. It’s My Life. Always. That’s their song. Do you know them?”
UBER: “No, no, no…I don’t like Bon Jovi.”
Me and Dian were like…staring at each other…trying to make a conversation with our mind, “How come rock fans doesn’t know Bon Jovi? You fake!”
While I saw Hani was sleeping…well, she looks like

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