Food Insecurity Contained Inside This City Essay

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I am currently attending Loyola University, in Baltimore, Maryland and I have witnessed only a glimpse of the mountain of food insecurity contained inside this city. Baltimore contains many areas that operate with little to no healthy food sources nearby, because of the large population that cannot afford these goods. With the fleeing number of locally owned grocery stores and convenient fast food outlets sprouting, residents do not have an adequate quantity of fruits and vegetables readily available.
The United States Census Bureau Poverty Thresholds reported the poverty threshold, or minimum level of income deemed adequate in a particular country, for a family of four, the most common size with no relation to family income, is roughly $24,036 in 2015. This means that if one person in a four person household works 40 hours a week, they make roughly $11.56 an hour, which is $3.31 above the minimum wage of $8.25 an hour in Baltimore City. When we observe the poverty rate statistics in Baltimore, we notice that the number of people falling beneath the poverty line is higher than the state of Maryland in every category; from men to women, 5 years of age to 75+ years of age, disabled or non-disabled, and even within race. All in all, 28.4% of Baltimore’s population fell below the poverty level, while only 13.3% of Maryland’s population fell below the poverty level in 2013.
To elaborate further, we can address the use of this income towards shelter. According to a new report
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