Food Insecurity Essay

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For most people in the United States, food is readily available. They don’t need to think about where their next meal is going to come from. People can easily go to a local grocery store and buy some food. While another portion of people in the United States have to choose whether to buy food or pay their utilities, transportation to work, or even medical care. Food insecurity is a problem people in the United States are facing. Food insecurity in the United States is a social problem because although there are people who are struggling to find something to eat, everywhere they turn there’s food being thrown out from grocery stores, restaurants and even other citizens in their town.
Food insecurity can be defined as a state in which a person does not have access to an adequate amount of healthy food. According to Food security, poverty, and human development in the United States, “Adequate quality and quantity of food is required for optimal functioning of the body” (Cook and Frank). This functoning includes physiological, cognitive, and emotional development. Although this problem may seem imaginary to some people since it’s not clearly seen in their communities. According to National Geographic in the article the new face of hunger by Tracie McMillan which talks about a family in Mitchell County, Iowa that struggles to obtain food. Food insecurity is real for Christina Dreier, a mother of two small children. Christina sends her three year old son, Keagan to school

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