Food Rather Than Healthy Home Cooked Meals Essay

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foods rather than healthy home-cooked meals. (NIH 2014) Also, television helps to promote unhealthy lifestyles. Children see up to 10,000 food commercials every year. (NIH 2014) Most of these commercial include the newest sandwich for McDonalds, a new unhealthy sugary candy, or sugary cereals. If a child lives in a neighborhood or part of town that has a high crime rate, getting outside to exercise may be difficult. If a parent fears for their child’s safety, they may not allow their child to play outside. This causes the child to have to find more sedentary activities to do in the house.(NIH 2014) Sometime obesity can be cause by a change in the child’s environment. This could come from a divorce, death of a loved one, moving to a new area or school, and abuse. This could cause the child to be depressed and use over eating as a coping mechanism. The obesity rate differs among different races and ethnic groups. It is estimated that 78.8 percent of Hispanics are overweight, while 39.1 percent are obese. (NIDDK 2012) In blacks, 76.7 are overweight, while 49.5 percent are considered obese. (NIDDK 2012) About 66.7 percent of whites are overweight, while 34.3 percent are considered obese. (NIDDK 2012) Extreme obesity affects 13.1 percent of blacks, 5 percent of Hispanics, and 5.7 percent of whites. (NIDDK 2012) Asian Americans are much lower rate of obesity than other racial and ethnic groups with only 11.6 percent of them being diagnosed with obesity. (NIDDK 2012) In
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