Foodborne Illness Diseases

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Foodborne illness diseases that spread through food or beverages are a common, distressing and sometimes a life- threatening problem for millions of people in the United States and around the world. One of the largest foodborne illness outbreaks in United States history happened in 1977. This foodborne illness was called botulism which is a serious and rare disease caused by food. The cause of this outbreak was hot sauce that had been made from improperly canned jalapeno peppers. Foodborne illnesses such as this one can cause much harm to anyone from all over the world and could become a big problem. If this happened then it would cause a big problem to our society as well. Foodborne illnesses are harmful to society.
Salmonella is a foodborne illness that is harmful to society. Marler Clark claims that salmonella is a foodborne illness that usually occurs when a person eats food contaminated with feces of animals or humans carrying the bacteria( parag.1-4). This evidence means that any food that has been contaminated such as eggs, meat and poultry, and sometimes fruits or vegetables could harm anyone that consumes it. Food Safety News claims that while salmonella is most often associated with poultry products, outbreaks are linked to a wide variety of sources including contaminated ground beef, fruits and vegetables, dog food, turtles and hedgehogs(parag.3). This evidence means that any type of food as well as any types of animals can be contaminated by this foodborne

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