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Title: “Identification of Unknown #1” Purpose: Discovering and studying new bacteria can lead to new innovations and possible cures for existing or future diseases. The investigation of bacteria can also help incubate ourselves or act quickly in response to an invasive strain. The commercial food industry has a great need in identifying Salmonella to prevent disease in consumers. As well as being the cause of enteric (typhoid) fever, an important infectious disease, Salmonella is perhaps best known as a cause of bacterial food poisoning. Although typhoid fever has been largely eradicated in the developed world, Salmonella food poisoning has long been, and continues to be, an important global public health problem. In much of Europe…show more content…
I knew that the Methyl Red portion of the MR-VP confirmed that the pH was less than or equal to 4 making this quite an alkaline agent, and reconfirmed alkalinity with the final experiment with the use of the litmus milk broth turning blue. The Gram negative stain and rod shape eliminated six of the possibilities. The SIM (Sulfur Motility and Indole) testing proved that the organism was motile, was a gas producer, did not produce indole, and Triple Sugar Iron-Agar Slant produced a black butt and red slant indicating glucose fermentation and confirmed sulfur gas production, leaving only Proteus vulgaris as another possible outcome. Casein, gelatin, and urease testing were needed to conclude my results, as only P. vulgaris would be found to possess the enzymes casease, gelatinase, and urease, which, none of those were found in my unknown organism. Both of the two organisms were negative to hydrolyze starch, and neither can metabolize oxygen. Most infections with Salmonella are traced back to dairy, poultry and meat products, but Salmonella can grow on just about any food. Chickens and eggs are particular high risk foods. Proper storage with the use of cool temperatures in a refrigerator, proper handling including cooking

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