Evaluation Of The Senior Vice President Of Human Resources

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Question: The Senior Vice President of Human Resources has just informed you that she would like for you to research various HRM practices amongst Fortune 500 companies. This research will be presented to the board of trustees next month. They want to review other company’s best practices to help them realign their strategic initiatives in the below areas: Recruitment/On boarding Training & Development Employee/Labor Relations Performance Management Compensation & Benefits Incentives/Practices You will need to research various Fortune 500 companies and identity their best HRM practices. Be sure to identify and discuss the pros and cons of each functional area and state whether or not this practice will be one of your…show more content…
Recruitment The recruitment process is multifaceted. Recruitment begins from the time an organization or human resources manager must determine a recruitment plan. A recruitment plan must include the avenues in which recruitment will be pursued. The recruitment process also includes shortlisting any qualified candidates from the responses, and the entire interview process (including multiple rounds of interviews). This aspect of human resources management is all about attracting the best and the brightest of candidates, convincing them that the organization is the best fit for their career aspirations, and capturing or finally hiring the candidate. This process is not only intended to fill a vacant position, but to also help build the strength of the organization overall. Many different avenues exist that can be utilized in the recruitment process. While traditional methods of recruitment such as newspaper advertisements employee referral programs are still be used, many companies, including Fortune 500 companies, are moving towards more technologically advanced avenues such as career opportunity pages on the company website, online job boards, social media, etc. The way an organization presents itself using any of these avenues is essential to the recruitment process as it is the only opportunity for the organization to attract
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