For This Assignment, I Knew I Wanted To Interview A Person

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For this assignment, I knew I wanted to interview a person who worked as some sort of child psychologist. I decided to interview a child psychologist because I am interested in working with immigrant children and advocating specifically for their mental health. In order to identify a professional to interview, I first contacted local mental health offices, but there were a limited amount of child psychologists, and many scheduling difficulties for the few that were available. Although I struggled in the beginning to find a child psychologist to interview, I eventually found someone through my godfather. My godfather is a family doctor who studied in Bangladesh, India, and the United States, and thereby formed many professional…show more content…
The easiest part was contacting and asking someone for an interview. Because I consider myself to be a very shy person, I assumed I would have a hard time initiating contact, especially because I was speaking to a professional. However, I found the overall experience to be pleasant and much easier than I anticipated because I was so passionate about learning about her and her career. One of my goals for this interview was to learn how Dr. D’Costa became the child psychologist she is today. To learn more about this, I asked her what she majored in, what classes she took, where she went to graduate school, and why she chose to specifically become a child psychologist in India. Firstly, I learned that Dr. D’Costa originally planned to major in biology to become a family doctor. However, after taking a psychology class in her sophomore year of college, she decided to change her major to psychology because she decided she was more interested in helping people with their mental health rather than their physical health. Throughout her time in undergraduate studies, Dr. D’Costa took a variety of classes in all different areas of psychology. However, by the time she reached her senior year, she decided to apply for counseling psychology graduate programs. Although she spent her time in undergraduate school in the United States, Dr. D’Costa decided to attend Martin Luther Christian University in Shillong, India to complete her graduate degree. Dr. D’Costa
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