Forced Vaccinations On Children And Their Children

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Forced Vaccinations A vaccine gives active immunity to protect against a certain disease. Vaccines are made up of killed or weakened forms of the disease-causing microbes. For many years, vaccines have prevented the widespread outbreak of many viruses. However, some people feel that vaccinating their children may do more harm than good. Sometimes, people do not believe that they should be told to vaccinate their child if they do not feel that vaccinating is the correct decision. Society should not force parents to vaccinate their children because of the infringement upon personal rights, the harmful ingredients found in the vaccines, and the dangerous side effects caused by the ingredients. Parents have the right to vaccinate …show more content…

Dr. Joseph Mercola states in Charlotte Gerson’s article, “In the United States, the hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all newborns before discharge from the hospital… This is not to mention that the vaccine is also associated with side effects such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis” (Gerson). No parent wants their child to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis. People also do not want their children to contract hepatitis B, but they must decide for themselves which condition they would rather risk their child contracting. The parents should not be told which disease they should risk their child contracting. Parents who choose not to vaccinate against hepatitis B are making a safer choice since most babies will not be involved in either method of contracting the disease.
Not to mention that the vaccine usually does not last for more than twelve years. In Charlotte
Gerson’s article, Dr. Mercola states, “It is therefore virtually impossible for a newborn to contract hepatitis B. Also, the supposed immunity from vaccination in 30 to 50% doesn 't last more than seven years. By 12 years, more than 60% of vaccinated babies have lost their immunity” (Gerson). Also, ingredients such as Thimerosal have been found in many popular vaccines such as Trivax and MMR. Some people

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