Foreign Direct Investment and Ireland’s Tiger Economy

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Foreign Direct Investment and Ireland’s Tiger Economy
In the economic history of Ireland there have been many changes due to different governments and different policies. The reasons behind the Ireland economic success are the good location of the country, because it’s like a bridge to the European union market for the American companies, low tax, in fact there is a tax rate of 12,5 % that is the lowest in the European Union, a multilingual labor force, that is very important for the multinational enterprise and the labor cost is cheaper than other nations with the same skilled workers like Switzerland and Netherlands and to conclude a very good system of transportation and logistics to move products toward major markets in Europe …show more content…

Moreover I think that this model is more appropriate to developing countries and not to developed countries, because it is not convenient, developed countries have a big corporate sector that brings into the state coffers a huge amount of tax revenue.
On the contrary, for developing countries FDI can be a big aid to boost their economy and to increase the level of

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