Forensic Science: Stopping the Crime Essays

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Forensic Science, recognized as Forensics, is the solicitation of science to law to understand evidences for crime investigation. Forensic scientists are investigators that collect evidences at the crime scene and analyse it uses technology to reveal scientific evidence in a range of fields. Physical evidence are included things that can be seen, whether with the naked eye or through the use of magnification or other analytical tools. Some of this evidence is categorized as impression evidence2.In this report I’ll determine the areas of forensic science that are relevant to particular investigation and setting out in what method the forensic science procedures I have recognized that would be useful for the particular crime …show more content…

After s blood sample has been identified as a human origin, using Serological techniques biological scientists can identify the individuals in whom blood group antigens are present in the blood sample which is called ABO system. If needed the greater the number of independent factors such as polymorphic protein and blood group that can be identified in a given blood sample. This information can be used to clarify whether associate or disassociate a particular bloodstain with a given individual ^1
And also scientists should concern about the blood stain pattern analysis. The first step of this analysis is to understand the way in which particular bloodstain patterns have arisen. Bloodstain patterns at crime scene to help reconstruct the event that occurred during the commission of a crime. The important point of the crime is this blood sample is necessarily belong to the assailant which means appropriate samples can be submitted for analysis, DNA profiling to understand the further information about the assailant.

Using ski masks biological forensic scientist can make some hypothesis that ski masks can contain saliva in it. Salvia performs a number of different functions. Presumptive test can be done to examine salvia from the ski mask. To perform the test, a sample of the suspect stain is added to a soluble starch solution. First add regent iodine, which can

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