Formal And Informal Modes Of Organizational Communication Essay

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Q1) Theoretical underpinnings of formal and informal modes of organizational communication.
a) Formal and informal modes of communication are explained below Formal modes of organizational communication are of four types they are: 1) Upward 2) Downward 3) Horizontal 4) Diagonal
1) Upward Communication:
Upward communication is the process of flowing information from lower levels to higher levels in an organization. It helps the employees to share their ideas, views, requirements and feelings to the top level management to make decisions .It also alerts the top level management about to changes in the requirements in an organization.
2) Downward Communication:
Downward communication is the process of flowing information from higher levels of hierarchy to bottom levels. So the higher level management is to be very skilled to motivate the bottom level employees to maintain the organization in a proper way. Generally downward communication consists of rules and regulations passed by a higher authorities in a company to their employees like sending emails or assigning projects to the employees.
3) Horizontal Communication:
Horizontal communication is the sending of information between people, departments, divisions or units within the same level of organizational hierarchy. In simple, Horizontal communication is a general conversation or talk between the people of same unit. It
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