Organization Communication Theories And Perspectives

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Case Study
This case study analysis was written based on the journal How Do You Get Anything Done Around Here? Written by Marian L. Houser and Astrid Sheil. This article has describe that how organization communication theories and perspectives works within a family company.

Relationships of key characters
Kate Elliott is a recent MBA graduate with two years’ working experience. She got a new product develop case of the Donaldson Family Foods company, if she handle that well, she will become the brand manager of this company.
Jeff Donaldson who is the president and the CEO of this family business.
Rick Clark is Kate’s immediate supervisor.
Tom Kadzinsky a veteran product development specialist of this company.
Dave Seavers is from independent research
Angie Parker who is the secretary of Mr. Donaldson.

Main Concepts
Salient issues and problems of this case
The management level of this company has lack communication with their employees. The company never empower their employees, which makes all the employees become lazy and more likely to listen the orders from the SMART group.

Symptoms of the communication problem
The symptoms of the communication are they never empowered their employee. Every decision that employees made must be wait SMART has given its approval. That makes all the employees become lazy and satisfy with their personal situation. Kate even cannot contact with Jeff when she has a situation need to handle in. I think that Kate is very…
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