Formal Infringement Proceedings Against Uk

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formal infringement proceedings against UK or other member state and refer them eventually to the European Court of Justice (Monitoring the application of Union law, 2014 ). However, I would first and foremost like to advise UK government on the ‘functions’ of EU directives as soon as they are aware of it and understand the implications, we will together look at the EU directive on Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, their parts and components ammunition before I would then establish whether UK government is in breach of the EU directives or not. What are the functions of EU directives? Meanwhile, ‘EU directives set out the policy which needs to be attained by the member states and it enforce or establishes common social …show more content…

This is a sensible move which recognises the culturally and socially differences between different countries of the EU. However, given the fact that directives take a lot longer to implement as they must be put into law by the member states, the EU will often use regulations to ensure the legislation is directly applicable and where appropriate does not leave room for a different slant on the legislation by different member states’ (What are EU directives?, Copyright © 2015 FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business. All rights reserved). Having advised the UK government on the functions of EU directives, it is important that we also go through the Directives 91/477/ECC and Regulation No 258/2012 which prohibition of export of fire arms out of the EU. • Directive 91/477/ECC controls the sell and use of firearms by the civilians in the EU territory. • Regulation No 258/2012 ‘establishes rules for export authorisation and import and transit measures for firearms, their components and ammunition and also has the scope to cover firearms made for civilian use. However, this Regulation implements article 10 of the United Nations protocols against the illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms and Article 10 requires signatories to adopt or improve administrative procedures designed to exercise control over the manufacturing, marking, import and export of firearms’. • Article 11 of Regulation No

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