Foundr Foundry Practices

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A foundry is a place where castings are made from molten metals such as ferrous goods made of iron or steel and non-ferrous goods made from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, etc to make a variety of different metal products. The production processes used by foundries to make metal goods require several procedures such as casting shapes by melting various metals down into liquids, pouring the metal in a molds or casts, removing the mold material or casting after the metal has cooled and solidified and final touches are used to perfect the finished product. This may include sand molding, where the replicas of a finished pieces (or patterns) are compressed with sand and binder additives to form a shape and sanders are used to smooth rough edges.…show more content…
Workers should be guarded from lathes, saws, sander, conveyors and other machinery that could cause them harm. Additionally workers should be educated on proper procedure and current, up-to-date safe practices that will protect them and direct them as to what actions to take in cases of emergency (Castings Technology International,
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