Fragile X Syndrome Research Paper

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The most common form of inherited mental retardation (MR) is Fragile X syndrome. The mutation of the gene completely turns off and does not produce the protein needed to make certain all other genes function properly. It is linked to other disorders. There are many characteristics connected to Fragile X. For example, neurological, physical, and psychiatric. The cognitive and behavioral attributes are more significant since they affect how the child will learn and function. Fragile X children are oversensitive to noise and the activity going on nearby. They will often throw tantrums and be aggressive (Braden, M., n.d.). Although, this syndrome does not have a cure these children may be helped with early intervention. Methods of …show more content…

The gene is mutated and it affects more males than females. Individuals with Fragile X have a large number of defects and disabilities including physical, cognitive, and neurobehavioral features (Jewell, J., 2004). This disability is caused by a gene that inactive which is the X chromosome. There is no known cure, yet, options are available to those who have this disorder. Individuals may receive speech therapy, physical therapy, and psychological services. For children attending school they may qualify for special education. Delays in cognition and learning are often associated with this syndrome. That's why; learning can be more challenging for these individuals. The impairments differ for those impacted with the syndrome. Accommodations are essential in order to meet the needs for each …show more content…

Genes are often named after their condition. The gene is called FMR1 gene; this acronym stands for Fragile X Mental Retardation gene. It is typical of the FMR1 gene to repeat seven to sixty times the CGG pattern. This is normally repeated approximately 30 times; however, in this instance it repeats well above the average. An individual with the syndrome may have well over 200 repeats of the gene. With such high numbers of the gene created the methyl group bind together with the C bases (or cytosine) affecting the gene and causing it to be deactivated. This gene is present in everyone and is responsible for the development of the brain and testes by producing a protein that allows other genes to work normally (Saunders, S., 1999). Due to the gene not functioning, it does not create the protein needed for brain development. This is how Fragile X Syndrome

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