Francis Bacon: Of Revenge - Exploratory Analysis Essay

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Noe Ayala Dr. Wilson Composition II 11/12/13 Revenge: Is an eye for an eye what is best? Sir Francis Bacon was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator and author. In 1597 he wrote a short story called “Of Revenge”. When I came across the short story in my book Reading Literature and Writing Argument I became interested in the story after reading the title. Revenge always happens to be a very interesting topic, typically filled with drama or action. After reading I began to ask myself some questions. Why might someone seek revenge? Is revenge ever justified? After I was able to finish reading Of Revenge I decided that I should summarize his story to get a better understanding of his views on revenge. I observed…show more content…
If someone blows up your house, are you entitled to blow up the other person’s house? While it may seem fair in some cases, how much better than the other person are you when you have committed an equal horrible act? These questions made me think about revenge as a whole. It seems that any way you put it, revenge always appears to others as a negative act. While this is great evidence in helping me understand vengeance this still does not explain why people seek revenge. As Francis Bacon states “This is certain, that a man that studieth revenge, keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal, and do well" ( To understand his idea I began to break down the quote. He claims that whenever a man is focused on revenge, [it] keeps his own wounds green. I feel that by referring to the color green he is actually referring to the “sickness” of being possessed by revenge because they plague the wounds and mind. When saying “which otherwise would heal” he’s referring to overcoming the wrong-doing that the others have done upon him that will happen over time anyways. When someone does wrong onto someone else, sometimes they may be plagued with the thoughts of revenge when otherwise things would end there. Still, there’s the question is it justified? As I sifted through the links provided on Google, I came upon the website They state that “revenge is directed passionately at a specific
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