Frank Borman's Accomplishments

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Frank Borman and two other former NASA astronaut, James A. Lovell and William A. Anders, completed the first manned flight around the Moon aboard Apollo 8. They stayed about 112 kilometers above the Moon’s surface for 20 hours and took pictures, which were sent back to Earth. I am quite surprised for their patience; only taking pictures for 20 hours straight. Moreover, about three years earlier, Frank Borman and James A. Lovell performed an endurance flight on Germini 7, in which they stayed in space for 330 hours and 35 minutes. That is almost 14 days! They didn’t have anything to do for 14 days, and they managed it without exploding out of boredom. During their 14-day flight, the astronauts also reported sightings of UFOs. Lovell reported
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